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Kansas Kidnapping/Abduction Laws

According to K.S.A. § 21-3420 kidnapping is the taking or confining of any person, accomplished by force, threat or deception, with the intent to hold such person:

  • for ransom, or as a shield or hostage;
  • to facilitate flight or the commission of any crime;
  • to inflict bodily injury or to terrorize the victim or another; or
  • to interfere with the performance of any governmental or political function.

Kidnapping is a severity level 3, person felony. When bodily harm is inflicted, kidnapping is aggravated kidnapping.  Aggravated kidnapping is a severity level 1, person felony.

Kansas kidnapping statute does not require any particular distance of removal, or any particular time or place of confinement. It is the fact, not the distance, of a taking (or the fact, not the time or place, of confinement) that supplies a necessary element of kidnapping.[1]

Kansas Office of Attorney General provides information, tools and services necessary for public safety.

Kansas Office of Attorney General


[1] State v. Higgenbotham, 264 Kan. 593, 607 (Kan. 1998)

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